Can Turtles Eat Celery?

Feeding celery to your turtle will not necessarily harm him or her, however there are a few things to consider.  The first thing to consider is that celery has very little nutritional value to it as it is made up of a lot of water.  It is for this reason that celery should never become a staple in a turtle’s diet.  Rather, it should only be used if you happen to run out of another vegetable or on rare occasions as a treat to mix things up a bit.

The second thing to consider is that it needs to be cut up very small.  A good portion to provide your turtle with is roughly about half of the size of the turtle’s head.  This is the safest serving size for a turtle, as anything larger could cause them to choke and result in death.

The last thing to consider about celery kind of goes along with the first thing.  Celery is more of filler than anything else and it will not do much for your turtle’s health or his or her appetite.  If your turtle eats some celery chances are in a few hours and maybe even less he or she is going to be hungry again.

It is true that turtles love vegetables and should be given vegetables at least once daily, however green leafy veggies such as romaine lettuce, and green lettuce, and red leaf lettuce are better choices.  Iceburg lettuce should not be given to turtles, as it contains about the same amount of water and nutritional value as celery does.

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