Can Turtles Eat Bananas?

Turtles can eat bananas.  In the wild, turtles love to munch on anything they can find; often they will feast upon things such as insects, fish, bananas, and strawberries in nature.  However something important to keep in mind is that turtles should never have too much of one type of food, and should only be given fruit on rare occasions if not at all.

Fruit has a high amount of sugar, which could be harmful to the turtle if fed too frequently.  The sugar content and acid, etc. in fruits can cause a turtle’s stomach to bloat up and cause pain, as well as diarrhea and a number of other health problems.

Some pet owners have found that only feeding their turtles bananas on rare occasions is the best method and that mixing it with a varied diet helps.  Experts have suggested that bananas every now and then for a turtle can be a healthy choice.

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