Can Turtles Eat Apples?

Turtles are able to eat apples however they should only be given these on rare occasions if not at all.  If you do choose to feed apples to your turtle there are a few things to consider beforehand.  For instance, they should only be fed pesticide free apples that are raw and contain no seeds!  If a turtle eats an apple any other way it can cause harm to its digestive system and even cause illness.

Turtles are not built with enzymes that can break down foods that are high in sugar content and acid.  This is a very important reason that turtles should only be given things like fruits every once in awhile if not at all.  If given apples or other fruits too frequently, it can cause the turtle’s stomach to bloat up and this is very painful for your turtle and can also lead to other complications.

If fed anything that contains pesticides it can poison your turtle and can even cause them to die.  If you have fed something to your turtle that you think has caused it harm or made it ill a veterinarian that knows a lot about reptiles should be contacted immediately as they will know what can be done to help your turtle and can also help in advising you on what types of foods your turtle should and should not be eating.  One fruit that turtles should never be fed are watermelons.

If you have decided to give your turtle an apple or other type of fruit as a treat, you should always supervise your turtle while he or she is eating it just to make sure that everything is going okay.  It is also advised to chop the apple up into smaller pieces so that they do not eat the core when they get to the end of the apple.  You never know, your turtle could choke on an apple core so to be on the safe side its best not to feed them apples with the core or the seeds.

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