Can Turtles And Lizards Live Together?

Turtles and lizards cannot and should not live together.  The first reason being that turtles are aquatic animals and lizards are not.  The two have different living standards. They require different landscaping and their body temperatures differ which means it would be difficult to maintain a proper temperature within the tank that is adequate for both.

Keeping a turtle and a lizard confined together can cause major stress to both creatures.  Turtles are also omnivorous creatures that are notorious for eating just about anything it can fit in its mouth, so it would most likely injure or kill your lizard in an effort to try and make it its latest meal.  Turtles have been known to rip off lizard’s tails and seriously injure them.

Amphibians release toxins through their skin and can be deadly if ingested.  This is one of the biggest reasons the two should not be put in the same tank.

Although it has been said that some species of lizards such as the Chinese water dragon and turtles can be kept together and live in harmony, in most cases this is when the tank is huge and costs a lot of money.  The best option is to pick either a turtle or a lizard as a pet or to own both but keep them in separate habitats.  Doing so will ensure the safety and well being of both parties.

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