Are Zebras Carnivores?

Zebras spend up to 60% of their day eating, but the question is what are they eating? Are they eating a smaller animal? No, zebras are not carnivores, not even omnivores. The zebra is a herbivore, a grazer, and spends most of it’s day eating grass. Their teeth and lips allow them to bite the grass off and grind it up with their molars. The have a digestive system and metabolism that can thrive on a low-nutrition diet. When grass may not be as abundant, they will eat shrubs, twigs, bark, and leaves. However they much prefer grass, every dry grass, grass stems, and sheath. Zebras in zoos are fed hay, oats, and alfalfa, much like horses. In the wild though they tend to stay near a water hole in grasslands, savannas, coastal, hill, or mountainous regions. Since they spend so much of their time eating, they have to migrate after they have depleted an area of it’s grass.


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