Are Zebras and Donkeys Related?

Donkeys and zebras have some similarities such as there body shape and long limbs. Their solid tail with a tuff or hair at the end. A short mane that tend to stick up. This similarities may make you wonder are zebras and donkeys related. Well the come from the same Genus, Equus, like horses. The species is different however, the donkey is Equus asinus and the plains zebra is Equus burchelli. This means that they have a common ancestor, but their species split millions of years ago, and both evolved in different ways to help them survive their surroundings.

Here are a few differences between the donkey and the zebra:

1. In times of danger or panic, the zebra will run away, fleeing it’s predator. The donkey on the other hand will simply freeze when it is frightened.

2. Zebras spend around 60% of their day eating. The donkey however are adapted to marginal desert lands and therefore do not need as much food.

3. Donkey’s have been domesticated, whereas zebras have not.

They have a common ancestor and in fact share that ancestor with horses. The domesticated donkey was once the wild African ass. Knowing that makes their relation make more sense, since zebras are African animals.So the short and sweet answer to the question are zebras and donkeys related, is yes.

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