Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Cheese and other dairy products are not really meant to be consumed by cats and kittens and something most people do not realize is that cat’s do not have a taste for sweet things so they probably don’t taste much when they try these products anyway. Although kittens are able to tolerate their mother’s milk when they are young, most adult cats actually become lactose intolerant and their digestive systems simply cannot process dairy foods. This usually results in digestive issues with an upset stomach, diarrhea and/or vomiting being common symptoms.

A little bit of milk or other dairy products given in moderation as a small treat every now and then is probably fine if your cat doesn’t seem to have a lactose intolerance issue, but just keep in mind that this should only be done occasionally and in small portions. A good way to test your kitty for lactose intolerance before giving her said products is to give her a teaspoon of milk or a tiny piece of cheese and see how her body reacts. Overall, none of these products are going to be of any real health benefit to your cat so it’d probably be best to just leave them all alone and let kitty stick to her usual diet of meat.

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