Can Cats Drink Cranberry Juice?

While there is still not much information on whether or not cranberries are toxic to animals such as cats and/or dogs, they should still be used with discretion and best with the advice of a veterinarian as the berries can cause gastrointestinal upset. Nonetheless, if you are worried about your cat having a urinary tract infection, this is something that should be addressed with your veterinarian as medication is almost always needed and is most beneficial to your feline companion.

If your kitty is getting frequent infections there are appropriate therapies, medications, antibiotics etc. that your veterinarian can prescribe to help. Occasionally he or she may suggest using some form of cranberry extract either by itself or mixed in with your cat’s food to help with UTI’s etc. but again giving cranberry juice to your cat is not the best option and probably won’t do much to benefit them in the long run anyways. Especially since these types of juices often contain a lot of sugar and high fructose corn syrups, which are very bad for kitty’s health and wellbeing. Speak to your veterinarian to see what can be done to help your cat if you suspect they may have bladder issues, a kidney infection and/or a urinary tract infection. These types of issues should never be left untreated as they can be potentially fatal.

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