Are Cats Noses Supposed To Be Cold?

Cats noses are neither supposed to be cold nor warm. While your cat might feel warm to your touch, this is normal, as cats are naturally warm compared to humans. A cat’s nose temperature fluctuates, but it does not necessarily signal anything about your cat’s health. The popular belief that a cat’s nose is a barometer of their feelings is nothing more than a myth. A cat’s nose can be cold, warm, dry, or wet.

While there is no general rule about your cat’s nose and its temperature, it should be noted that if his or her nose happens to change temperature and he or she is also exhibiting other signs of illness such as vomiting, weight loss, decreased appetite, diarrhea, or increased thirst, you should probably book an appointment with your local veterinarian as the change in nose temperature could be coincidental to these other symptoms of illness.

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