Are Cats Faithful/Loyal To Their Owners?

Cats can indeed be very loyal creatures, however whether or not they are faithful or loyal to their owners does also depend on the cat’s personality, living situation, and the bond that they have with their pet owner, but for the most part cats are known to form strong attachments with their owners. There are even some cases where a cat’s pet owner had to leave, or passed away and the cats showed signs of distress as a result. Cats have even been known to go into hiding, refuse to eat, etc. Some perfectly healthy cats have had such strong attachments to their owners that they basically died of a broken heart after the loss of their owner.

Even more remarkable are the documented incidents of cats traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to places they have never been, and finding their owners. If this doesn’t demonstrate love and loyalty to a pet owner, I don’t know what does. This strange phenomenon is known as Psi-training. Psi-training is a term that was coined by Dr. Joseph Rhine of Duke University to refer to animals such as cats managing to locate their owners after the owner has moved away or left the animal behind. Dr. Rhine has documented a number of cases of this phenomenon. In all cases the animal had to have some distinguishing mark, abnormality, or previous injury by which the owner could positively identify the pet in order to rule out any lookalike situations. One of the most remarkable cases was one where a cat followed its owner, a veterinarian, all the way from New York to California. Upon reaching California, the cat settled down immediately in his old favorite chair. After taking x-rays, it was confirmed that the cat had the same physical abnormalities as “the old cat” meaning it must be the same creature.

One explanation for Psi-training is that there could be some dis-equalibrium when closely bonded creatures are separated, something that could one day be explained with something similar to Bell’s Theorem. Bell’s Theorem proposed that all electrons function in pairs, with each electron spinning in the opposite direction of the other electron. The physicist Bell speculated that if you change the spin of the electron, the other electron would sense it and alter its direction accordingly to the one whose spin was altered. If mammals are made of cells, molecules, and atoms, perhaps the bond between two creatures is not just with the “heart” but also with some sort of rhythm on an actual cellular or atomic level that is disrupted when the physical bond is disrupted. With all of this evidence there is no doubt that cats do in fact show some loyal, faithful and sometimes selfless qualities. Cats have even been known to risk their lives for their owners.

Typically when most people describe a loyal pet they refer to dogs. While dogs are definitely loyal, cats can be as well. The only difference with cats is that they are reciprocal creatures. Felines do not have any innate behaviors that drive them to form relationships. Simply put, if they are offered love, they will respond. If ignored or neglected they will avoid contact, just as any human would.

Therefore, getting loyalty or faithfulness from a cat requires giving it first. When you take the time to create a daily routine for kitty, show a genuine interest in him or her, and give them affection, He or she will seek out to give you attention in return, or ask for your affection as he or she will come to enjoy your time spent together. Whether kitty follows you from room to room or sits nearby to keep a watchful eye on you, you can rest assured that you and your cat have a bond that will last.


  1. G says

    “Even more remarkable are the documented incidents of cats traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to places they have never been, and finding their owners.”

    The circumference of earth is 24,901.55 miles. Are you telling me that it has been documented that cats go around the world multiple times to find their owners?

  2. says

    my colleague throw her cat away twice and she returned home, for the 3rd time the cat understood that she doesn’t want whims she never returned , ignoring the number, I know that it’s very true that the cat chose whom to love and how to love.

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