Can Armadillos Climb Trees or Fences?

Most species of armadillos are able to climb fences if they are not too high.  Usually scaling them is no problem at all for armadillos.  Armadillos are sometimes able to climb trees as well, in most cases these tree are already at a very acute angle such as one that has practically fallen down, but there have been some cases where an armadillo has been able to scale up a tree no problem, just as it would a fence or any other object.  As a general rule, if these creatures can’t dig under something they will find a way to climb over it.


  1. Richard says

    My wife was out for an early morning walk in our residential neighborhood and saw an Armadillo walking along to top of a six foot high stockade fence. It was perfectly balanced as if it did this everyday, like a squirrel. Our area is northwest Florida and we are familiar with Armadillos but have never seen one off the ground like this. Interesting sight.

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