Do Spiders Hibernate?

Whether spiders hibernate or not is dependent upon the particular species that spider is.  For instance spiders such as the garden orb weavers, different widow varieties and argiopes only live during one season and die during the winter, leaving behind thei egg sac for next season.  Other species such as the fishing spider or the tarantula that typically live longer, may hibernate in winter by spending their time underneath the bark of trees or rocks, in cellars, attics, etc.  Some adults even survive by preparing a winter nest of silken webbing under loose bark within which they are insulated from the cold.

In several species of spiders, young spiderlings hatch out and then remain in a communal webbed egg sac through the winter.  Those spiders that hibernate in leaf litter and rock piles are not usually found to be in a deep sleep and on mild winter days may be found crawling about in search of insect food that is plentiful and easy to secure in its dormant state.


  1. Steven Graham says

    Is there anything we can do to save our garden spider that laid 2 sacks of eggs for next spring she is big & beautiful never seen anything like her. Should I be afraid to have thousands of spiders that will be born in the spring,

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