Can Spiders Hear?

Spiders cannot necessarily “hear” as they do not actually have ears.  They do however have sensory nerves (tiny hairs) that are located in the ends of their legs.  These tiny hairs are also known as thrichobotria; which they use to search for vibrations or squeaks from mates.  Certain spiders are even known to emit a squeak that is inaudible to the human ear.

Spiders are very interesting creatures that feel vibrations that act in a way that sound does and allow the spider to locate where the sound is coming from as well as its approximate distance from the spider.  Put in simpler terms, the spider is able to interpret the movement of air that is produced by a sound something makes in order to determine its exact location.  Along with hairs on their legs, spiders are also equipped with tiny slits all over their legs for feeling vibrations.  So spiders may not be able to “hear” you, but the senses they are equipped with still make it a possibility for them to know when you or potential danger is nearby.


  1. Francine says

    The reason why I was wondering if Spiders emit a sound is because my dog seems to know when we have one on the ceiling. All of a sudden he will look up and start barking which is good then I can get rid of them. But how on earth does he know?

  2. Jackie says

    I looked up this information, because I saw a spider in our yard react to my dog barking! And I thought what is going on with that?

  3. Helen says

    Yes – a spider in my garden has just reacted to my dog’s bark too! The dog was about 2m away from it & gave a short loud bark; the spider actually jumped, as a human might do (I happened to be looking at it at the time)!!

  4. cosmic sky says

    I have seen a spider get alarmed by a vacuum cleaner. It ran in its web towards the vacuum, not leaving its web. It seemed like it was really rattled by the noise.then when the noise was stopped, it went back to a spot in its web where it kept staying at

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