Are Bees Out at Night?

Most stinging insects are semi dormant at night so it is a very rare occurrence for a bee to be out at that time.  If an individual gets stung at night by a bee it is most likely due to the fact that they have accidently disturbed a bee’s hive.  Bees live both above and below ground and are mainly active during the day. However, there are very few species that are considered to be “night fliers” and may sometimes become attracted to your porch lights.

Generally speaking for the most part, seeing a bee at night is not really something most people should worry about.  If it is cold outside for instance, during the late evening, night, or very early morning bees usually tend to be less active as a result.  You may see a few wondering around from time to time during later hours but they are usually not as aggressive and it is a rare happening that they will bother you in any way unless you annoy it by swatting at it or something along those lines.  Bees are most active when the heat of the sun hits them during the day.

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