Do Owls Mate For Life?

Although there are many different species of owls and all of them are different from the rest in some way or another, there are certain types of owls that have been known to mate for life. Screech owls and Great Horned Owls have both been known to find a mate and keep the same one for the rest of their lives. Barn Owls on the other hand do not mate for life.

Other than owls, there have been many species which have been studied and known to mate with the same partner for life. All owls have different mating habits though, but at least a few species have been known to mate for life.


  1. Denice Hove says

    I live in Setauket on the North Shore of Long Island. I have been listening to what I think is a Great Horned Owl nightly for weeks. I now hear what I believe to be a female owl answering his call. Our home backs up onto woods. It has Ben about 20 seconds between one lone call and another, but now they are much closer together. The tone of the second owl is higher and quicker than the first. So I think a female has finally answered the male owl’s call. I love listening to them.
    I hope they stay. We have lots of varmints for them to enjoy. Where can I find a good recording of owls calling each other?

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