Are Owls Edible?

Although it is possible to eat owl meat, it is not recommended. There are certain kinds of owls which are considered to be endangered and those who kill and/or eat them could be in violation of the Migratory Bird Act, facing some fairly hefty fines.

It may be feasible to cook and eat owl meat, though you will find that many people do. When you eat an owl you will essentially be eating everything that it has eaten, which is just one reason why it is not recommended that you consume one of these animals.


  1. Billie Nicholas Reiss says

    This is the silliest answer I have come by in researching this question. Everytime you eat anything, you are eating everything it has eaten or has been grown in. Pork is popular amongst the world, and look what kind of yuck those animals are fed. When you eat tomatoes, you are you essentially eating the poop they have been fertilized with. It’s the circle of life and it’s gruesome, but it’s how we all stay alive.

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