Do Chickens Lay Eggs Every Day?

Contrary to what many people believe, chickens do not lay eggs every day.  At least scientifically speaking, the ones who do lay eggs once a day, are not supposed to.  In fact the frequency with which a chicken lays an egg is dependent on many factors.  These factors include the chicken’s breed, lighting, temperature, environment and nutrition.  Some chickens have been known to lay eggs every few days, even with optimum environmental conditions.

Basically the cold, hard and unfortunate truth is that because they are domesticated animals that humans have been breeding for their egg laying capacity and by always choosing the chickens who laid eggs more frequently we now have chickens who are able to lay one egg a day.  It should be noted however, that this is not natural.

Rather, chickens that do lay food source eggs for us humans everyday do so because they have been genetically engineered and messed up by many humans who breed and raise them in factory farms.  They have been modified by farmers to lay eggs quicker and more frequently than chickens who are not domesticated.  Natural wild chickens do not lay the food source eggs.

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