Can Toads Give You Warts?

That toads can give you warts is a common myth that probably originated due to the many bumps located on their skin that somewhat resemble warts.  The large bumps located behind the toad’s ears are known as paratoid glands and contain a nasty poison.  Not only do these taste bad but they also irritate the mouth of any predator who tries to eat the toad.  This can cause many symptoms including but not limited to convulsions and even death.  You should always be careful when handling toads and as a general rule of thumb it is good to always wash your hands before and after handling these creatures.  However there is no need to worry about getting warts from a toad.

Neither toads nor frogs can give warts to humans.  This is because Warts are actually benign squamous neoplasms, which can be caused by a virus. This virus can be only be passed from person to person, i.e. toads and frogs do not carry it.

Most people come in contact with the virus that causes warts without knowing it, for instance a person might come in contact with it by accidently cutting himself on something or by accidently touching a wart that is located on another person’s body.  Most warts are easily treatable and nothing serious to fret about.

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