Are Cat Years The Same As Dog Years?

Many people falsely believe that in order to find the age of a dog, or sometimes cat, in comparison to human years, we must multiply the actual age of the pet by seven. But seeing as both cats and dogs experience rapid aging in their earlier years, and age more slowly as time goes on, it isn’t that simple.

One way to roughly estimate the “human age” of your cat is to add 15 years for their first year of life, ten for their second, and four every year after that. For example, a one –year-old cat is roughly fifteen years old in human years; a two-year-old is roughly twenty-five. And using this method, we can calculate that at 16 years old, your cat is around the age of a human 80-year-old.

So, are cat years about equal to dog years? Well, yes and no. Small dogs age around the same rate as a cat, but the larger the dog, the more quickly they age. While a 16-year-old small dog or cat is around 80 years old in human years, a 16-year-old medium sized dog is around 87, and a 16-year-old large dog is around 120 in human years.

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